How to Disable and Enable Norton Safe Web on Google Chrome?

Norton Safe Web checks each and every website that you visit for malware and virus. It makes sure that you don’t land up on a malicious page and a website that contain malicious content. You can learn more about this from experts who are available at Norton Contact Number UK. Safe web lets you:

  • See the website safety
  • Check the shopping rating on the search result
  • Avoid malware infected websites
  • Configure your settings to keep risky websites at bay.
  • Protect your identity by protecting you from phishing websites.

Although, Norton executives whom you can call on Norton Support Number UK suggest you to keep this feature enabled but still for any reason you want to disable it then you can. To turn it on or off on Google Chrome, please follow the given steps:

  • Open Google Chrome and go to its Settings from the top-right corner.
  • From the Settings option, go to More Tools and then click Extensions.
  • On the Extensions page, you can enable or disable Norton Web Safe as per your security needs.
  • Once you are done, restart your computer to apply changes.

These are the steps for Google Chrome, but if you are using any other web browser and what to change Norton Web Safe settings, then you can take help from our professional team, who is working round the clock and is available at Norton Phone Number UK. They are masters in this field and can help you with almost everything related to Norton.


How to Manage the Norton Smart Firewall?

Firewall is an important component of Norton security. Norton Smart Firewall monitors everything that comes and goes out through the internet. Apart from these, a firewall can also protect your system against other common security issues. It will warn you about connection attempt from other computers and attempt by any of your computer’s program to connect with other computers. It also clocks the inactive ports on your computer which will further protect you from cyber attacks that can take place through port scanning.

It is far better than Windows Firewall, as Windows firewall only monitors inbound traffic whereas Norton smart firewall also monitors outbound communication. Symantec experts whom you can contact at Norton Support Number UK always suggest their users to keep the smart firewall turned on. The firewall creates its own rules for each program that you run. With the Smart Firewall turned on, Norton keeps the Automatic Program Control settings for all the programs. You can turn on or turn off Smart Firewall as per your choice but remember turning it off will reduce your system protection.

  • Launch your Norton program.
  • If you see My Norton Window, click Open which is located next to Device Security.
  • Otherwise, in Norton’s main window, click Settings.
  • From Settings, go to Firewall.
  • The from the General Settings tab, access the Smart Firewall row and then move the on\off slider to turn the Firewall on or off.
  • Click Apply.
  • If you want, you can also select the duration till when you want to keep the Firewall featured turned off.
  • Then click OK.

Note: Make sure you don’t keep the firewall turned off for long as this will make your system vulnerable to cyber threats.

There is another way as well to enable or disable Norton smart firewall. You can do this from the Windows notification area.

  • You can see Norton icon on the taskbar near in the notification area. Right-click the Norton icon and then click “Disable Smart Firewall” or “Enable Smart Firewall” as per your requirement.
  • If prompted, then select the duration until when you want to keep the Smart Firewall turned off.
  • Then click Ok to save your settings.

You can also configure your firewall rules and settings as per your security needs. Even if you are encountering false positive then you can manage that as well. Our technical experts can help you with this task. You can call them at Norton Contact Number UK and ask them about Firewall exception rules. They will help you in all possible manners to enhance your online security.


Where To Look For if Incompatibility Message of Norton is Highlighted?

The engineers and other professionals have always worked in tandem for setting things in order. Based on this fact user does also refer to Norton support Number UK and the professionals will then dictate a couple of ways for correcting the problem being raised.

One of the technical issues which do blow the mind of the concerned user is – display of Incompatibility message after downloading or installing Norton Antivirus. This message will definitely make some users panic and force them to look for alternatives. On the contrary side, the user is needed to consult professionals of Norton Antivirus. According to them the occurrence of this error is:

  • The user is not having complete knowledge.
  • The user’s computer is not having the latest version of service pack being installed.
  • The user might not have paid attention and went ahead through the older version of the Norton Antivirus.

The user is being briefed to undertake the following steps –

  • If the user receives the error on Windows 10. Then the user is needed to precisely download the latest Version of Norton Antivirus.
  • if the user is needing assistance for downloading Norton Antivirus on the mobile. in this case, the user needs to read Download and Install Norton Mobile Security.
  • In case, the user witnesses an incompatible error on Mac, the user must read – I must see the message “Norton product can’t be installed on this disk”. This software is not compatible with the version of Mac, OS X installed.

The following of these methods will mean that user will not have any trouble in making good use of the Norton Antivirus for their device. Norton Contact Number UK is a source which guarantees that mistakes do not take place. The user will be thrilled om seeing that work is not hampered. professionals of Norton Antivirus possess great knowledge and this is where quality just glitters and becomes the reason for holding the data and other relevant information intact. The user also does not have to consider other sources as everything is properly taken care off.


Whom do I contact for un-installing Norton Antivirus?

The user does install or download antivirus for making sure that data or other relevant information is not hacked from the user’s computer system. The sound form of tips provided by the experts is listed below:

Removing Norton Antivirus using Control Panel in Windows–

  • In Windows XP, the user needs to double-click on Add or Remove Programs.
  • In Windows Vista, you need to double-click on Programs and Features.
  • In Windows 7 and Window 8 the user needs to Click on Programs and then Programs and Features.
  • In Windows 10, the user should Click on Uninstall a Program.

Removing Norton Antivirus when some programs are installed recently:

  • In Windows XP, a user just has to click on Norton Product and then finally click on Change or Remove option.
  • In Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, the user has to click on the Norton Product and finally clicks on Uninstall or Change button.

Removing Norton Antivirus from the Start Menu:

  • The user has to go to Windows Taskbar, and then click on Start and then All Programs. Thereafter, open Norton Security and Uninstall Norton Security.
  • If the user is not looking to keep Norton Home Page as Default Home Page. Place Norton Safe Search as default search provider. At this stage, just select the Checkbox that is visible at the bottom.
  • Now you need to follow the on-screen instructions and restart the computer after that.

When this issue is still there, then you need an outside support. Referring to Norton Customer Care Number UK is the right way if you want to rectify this issue in a short period of time.


How to Maximize Penitential of Computer Post Installing of Antivirus?

To make sure all work and other related information is completely secure and is devoid of threats. So, whenever a system scanner is downloaded inside the computer, it will be automatically loaded into system’s memory. like this user will never complain that a bad element has entered inside the computer system. Unlike effective form of security tool present inside the computer system, at times user makes a complaint about system getting slow and performance of the user is not reaching its pinnacle.

This is where user needs to make sure a positive form of guidance is received because a lack in this aspect means erratic flow of communication. So, just bank on right form of suggestions being derived from Norton Support Number UK. According to professionals there are basically two reasons why computer system is performing slowly and they are listed below: –

  • Change when and how often scanning is occurring.
  • Altering the intensity of scan.

Change when and how often scan is undertaken: – Most importantly observer needs to make sure that when and how methodology of scanning is undertaken. As every security tool is different or unique. Points mentioned below will assist you in transitioning scanning.

  • User needs to precisely open the program’s console by right-clicking on the icon associated with antivirus program in the windows.
  • In the antivirus program menu that is opened, user needs to select Properties, Settings, Control, Center.
  • Now, in the antivirus program menu that is opened – look for an option to update the scan schedule. The option may be located in the Settings or Advanced Settings Section.
  • In the present scanning schedule, alter the scan be run. It should be carried out once in 2 to 3 days. This way your computer will be secured from all threats and virus.
  • Now look for a checkbox that allows you to change scan intensity to a lower setting without any difficulty.

The user will not have any difficulty in making sure that working of antivirus has not derailed performance of computer system. If the user is having any form of doubt or confusion then just make sure of interacting with experts through 0800-029-4639 Norton Contact Number  . This address is a powerhouse of not just knowledge but rich amount of skill too. At no stage, user is going to face difficulty in understanding reason of slow performance of computer system. No other source is having that form of quality knowledge that will make user understand the reason of slow performance of computer system.


What to do if computer is signaling a virus inside?

There is no reason for anyone to panic when a spree of troubleshooting elements is detected inside the computer system. Simple and effective reason for removing such troubleshooting elements is following right set of procedures. In the modern age where numerous sources are available for almost everything present in the world. Having said this, user is not bounded with any complicated procedures for channelizing effective technical solutions. The only reason is to follow right and precise path. One such thing is to contact the professionals of Norton Antivirus and then based on concrete results follow a prescribed format.

In comparison to other sources only contacting professionals through 0800-029-4639 Norton Phone number is the best way of making sure user is not troubled at all. The user if not following right sets of procedures will definitely become victim and loose data and other relevant information. Like –

  • One should not open any mail, this way hacker will get access to user’s data and other relevant data.
  • The user is advised of not following the displaces lay matter of pop-up windows.
  • It is advisable of not downloading any content material from unwanted sites.
  • if one is transferring any data or other information from different devices then a careful and precise observation should also be kept in mind.

In addition to all this user can avail top rated form of technical supervision from professionals of Norton Antivirus. Most superior technical assistance will be delivered if below mentioned technical hiccups do arise: –

  • Post installing of Norton Antivirus is also obstructing third party applications.
  • System’s pace has deteriorated as soon the installing of antivirus has been concluded inside the computer system.
  • On a regular basis Norton Antivirus is getting clashed with Windows Firewall.
  • User is finding it difficult in altering the settings of Norton Antivirus.

There are many different other technical hiccups which also might arise and because of which difference in the output can take place. Professionals of Norton Antivirus through Norton Contact Number can make sure of right steps or procedures is being guided to users. Under no circumstances user is not going to be bombarded with different versions of technical difficulties. This is where users are not just guided towards right direction but on the other hand, also get positive form of supervision for making Norton Antivirus the most effective form of security software in the market. Other sources from time to time keep altering certain aspects but in the end do fall flat on the quality aspect.

How to correctly download Norton Antivirus without any hiccup?

If one is looking for right category of security tool or software then do not go anywhere else. Users search for getting rid of tension in terms of right platform for data safety and security is not a tough call. Well, for this professional of Norton Antivirus work day and night to create a seamless form of protective cover around the relevant information stored inside the computer system. In the market one can’t find any other concrete form of solution provider. This is because of supreme form of understanding being achieved by experts of Norton Antivirus.

There comes a moment when downloading of security software faces some technical issues. It is at this stage; very good understanding of protective tool is needed or is of great value. The user’s selection of Norton Antivirus Technical Help Number is the reason why concerned person is able to gain knowledge about downloading of Norton Antivirus.

  1.  The user initially needs to download Norton Antivirus installation set-up file.
  2.  Norton Antivirus from the official site.
  3.  If the user is not signed in then he or she will be prompted. Now user is supposed to type in email address and relevant password of Norton and later on click on Sign In.
  4.  Once the Norton Setup window is displayed then Click on Download Norton dialog box.
  5.  In the next step, Click on Agree & Download dialog box.
  6.  Then based on the browser one of the step is to be followed: –
  • Well for Internet Explorer user needs to Click on
  • In the case of Firefox or Safari. Click the Download option to visualize the downloaded files and then Click the file that has been precisely downloaded.
  • For Chrome: On the bottom Left – Corner, Click the file that has been downloaded
  1.  In this step Norton Antivirus has been installed in a perfect way.

The procedure of right form of downloading Norton Antivirus might be explained by other sources too. Having said this, one can’t gain correct or precise form of knowledge or understanding about it. In the market source like Norton Contact Number UK is the right way of making sure user is not stranded. At every stage, users attempt of sticking to right pattern is a guarantee that information or other relevant data just can’t be stolen through unfair means.

Free UK(0800-029-4639) How to fix Norton Power Eraser is working Properly?

Norton is a renowned internet security firm which provides number of security services including free and paid. In order to protect internet users from unwanted viruses and malware, Norton has designed Norton Power Eraser tool. Norton Power Eraser is a free service by Norton that can be downloaded and run to remove malware and other threats from your system.

The best thing about this service is you can run Power Eraser to scan threats even if you are using any Norton product or if you are using any other security product on your system. To know more about Norton Power eraser you can give us a call at Norton Customer Care Number UK or for any other queries and details on any other Symantec product don’t forget to dial toll-free (0800-029-4639) Norton Technical Support Number UK where tech experts will answer your each and every query promptly.

Norton Power Eraser tool is very easy to download that will scan your system quickly to detect all aggressive threats like malware. Users do not need to install this tool; it only includes three steps- Download Norton Power Eraser, Run a Scan and fix all the risks. However, users can run Norton Power Eraser tool only in Windows operating system as it does not work for Mac OS.

Let’s check out how we can download it and fix the threats, for more details contact at Norton Phone Number UK.

  1. Firstly, download Norton Power Eraser and Click Save.
  2. Now choose the location as Desktop, and click Save.
  3. To run Norton Power Eraser, double-click the NPE.exe file and click Continue
  4. Read the license agreement, and click Accept.

To run Norton Power Eraser Tool, click on Scan for risk, by default it performs Root kit scan that restarts your system. Now wait for the complete scan, once it displays the result, a user can perform a further action. If it shows “No Risk Found”, it means no threat is detected or if it shows any Bad Files, it will recommend you to remove these files. To know more on Norton free or paid security services and any queries related to the Norton product just dial at 0800-029-4639 Norton Contact Number UK

Toll Free UK 0800-029-4639 Norton Automatic Renewal and refund Policy Help UK

Norton automatic renewal ensures the best security to the users’ network by renewing the security subscription. Automatic renewal of security software not only keeps users protected against new cyber threats but also keeps security software up-to-date. However, sometimes users do not want to renew their subscription. In this blog, we will see how to cancel Norton automatic renewal and request refund through Norton Helpline Number UK.

Norton antivirus is the most trusted brand and well known for its credibility. To enhance security level, it has an option that renews the subscription.  It has been found that after a certain time period, the antivirus user is charged automatically with the renewal amount.

Whenever user purchases any Norton product online, they need to create an account on the company website that holds entire information including user’s credit card details.  For the user convenience, Norton automatically renews the subscription to ensure the uninterrupted service. However, some users do not want to renew their subscription or not aware of that fact, in that case, they connect Norton Support Number UK and easily disable or automatic renewal and can request the refund.

Here is the simple procedure for the cancellation of automatic renewal and request refund:

If the user’s subscription has not been charged then they can easily disable the automatic renewal option or cancel the automatic renewal service:

  • Login to your Norton account.
  • Go to the subscription page and disable Automatic Renewal by moving the slider to OFF
  • You will receive the confirmation prompt and now click on Turn Off.
  • Now the system will prompt you to manually renew your subscription when it will expire.

Procedure for requesting the refund

  • If you want a refund of the money, the user can chat with the customer care agent by using Norton Chat Support uk.
  • Or they can call Norton Contact Number UK 0800-029-4639

Before contacting customer care user should have the following information with them.

  • Last four digits of their credit card and Norton account Login details.


The above mentioned procedure will help Norton antivirus users to forward their refund request and cancellation of Norton subscription renewal.

What I Can do to Re-install Norton 360 ?

When it is associated with the security of your device antivirus services are what we all need to use for the task. There are many options available for antivirus service and Norton is one such that is known for outstanding performance all the time. These antivirus services have come up with several technical errors too and when it all occurs give a call to experts at Norton phone number UK . Out of all errors there is an error that comes while reinstalling the antivirus in such errors no layman can work on and get rid of.

There can be situation where you may also get to see such error and when you get to see such connect experts immediately. To make the re-installation task easy for you here is what all you need to do:

  • The first step you need to take is to sign in to the Norton antivirus.
  • Here the you have to enter your user name and password to sign in.
  • When get sign in into the account, you will get to the Norton set up window.
  • There you will need to select download Norton and then proceed further for it.
  • If you have user key for Norton antivirus, then you have to enter that on the space given there.
  • Once you enter the product key, you have to select on agree and then download option.
  • Then, you will get to see user account control window on the screen, here you should choose on continue.
  • After doing that you have to follow the instructions you get onscreen.
  • Once these steps are done you will get Norton antivirus re-installed on your device.

norton new

Apart from all these steps you may also go with the technical experts available at Norton Support Number UK and they will be ready with the solution. Situation may occur that after following the above mention steps you may not be able to get the solution that you want.

When you contact the technical experts they will guide you with step by step process and following that will surely provide you with the best solution. So, from now whenever you get to face any Norton tech error give a call to the experts at Norton Contact Number UK and the experts will help you out with the needed solution.